About Us

I want it I got it .shop is a completely family-owned business and is located in beautiful downtown Winter Park, Florida. Our primary business (UDB) is a fine jewelry (diamonds and precious gems) company.  We have recently gone into a silver jewelry line because of an inspiration by my God daughters (Zoe and Raine).  They wanted a jewelry line that was “cute and lit” whatever that means. Just kidding, I know what that means. They also said the jewelry had to be made very well, not cheap and shouldn’t break all the time.

Therefore, our new silver jewelry line will be made with the same caliber and care as our custom fine jewelry pieces. We have over 10 years of experience in the jewelry business and well as 10 years in the precious metal business (Gold, Platinum and Silver). We have taken all the years of hard work and culminated it into a jewelry line that we hope the public will “LOVE” and respect for its quality. 

We hope you give us a chance to earn your business!